Maliko Gulch Boat Ramp Etiquette For Everyone

Maliko Gulch Boat Ramp Manners

Maliko Manners Matter

by Bill Boyum
Maui, Hawaii

Some of you that are visiting Maui, have come from far and have left the responsibilities of life behind, ready to launch for your Maliko run.  I can dig the enthusiasm.  The main entry into the water is the boat ramp, with bits of seaweed on the slab. It’s a slippery devil. 

Entry is very careful step by step.  Once someone is in the water they need to ease out to a sufficient depth where they can set down their long vehicle without hitting their fin or rudder on the ramp.    This is a process that shouldn’t be rushed.  Normally there is no one there but on shuttle days there might be a sudden bottleneck of several people entering at once. 

What is cool to do, is wait until the paddler in front of you is out and away before you move down the ramp.  That way they don’t feel pressured to hurry as you also don’t want to be.  We’re all using expensive equipment and don’t need to pile on excessive risk before we even get off the launch pad.   

Also be mindful of fisherman and families that are also enjoying this access ramp as we are there to share with others. Watch for fishing lines and please be courteous, friendly and respectful. 

Have fun and keep paddling.  Aloha Bill

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