Bump Hunter T-Shirts and Tanks

You are a Bump Hunter seeking the ultimate glide. Express your downwind passion and glide hunting skills.
Jeremy Riggs Bump Hunter

Jeremy Riggs THE best Bump Hunter on Maui

You are a Maliko Run downwind Bump Hunter in every way; scanning and looking for the ultimate glide. Wear this cool t-shirt that expresses how we seek, find and glide on the Maliko Run in many great styles and colors. This t-shirt expressed the paddler’s perspective of what we see as we scan and look for the best ride from the West Maui Mountains to the flying fish that often surprise us and swiftly skim across the water. 

Jeremy Riggs is one of THE best Maliko Run Bump Hunters and one of the early pioneers who has paddled Maliko over 1000 times.  He is also downwind racing champion who is known for his “cat-like” footwork and rides one of the longest and skinniest custom boards out there.  A treat to watch for sure…. that is if you can catch him.  


Get yours today or send the downwind paddler in your home. We ship world wide so no worries or shortage of stoke.  Please submit your photo to us in your Maliko Run gear so we can proudly add you to our Tribe: https://www.malikorun.com/maliko-run-photo-galleries/maliko-run-tribe/


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