Maliko Run Downwind SUP Race Maui Pro AM APP World Tour 2017

This was the second day of 2017 the Maui Pro AM APP World Tour, Sunday, March 12th; showcasing the famous Maliko downwind run. Although the trades were light the stoke was high as the world class professionals and amateurs journeyed 8 miles down Maui’s famous North shore.    ( SEE FULL RACE RESULTS BELOW )


Maliko Downwind SUP Race Maui Pro AM APP World Tour 2017 from Suzie Cooney on Vimeo.

Usually the trades are howling and the surf pumping, but this particular day called on the athletes at the highest level to perform above and beyond. The temperature high was a heavy and hot 85 degrees with high humidity making for an extra brutal grind.

Congrats to everyone who participated. The top finishers in the Pro Mens: Michael Booth, Connor Baxter, and Mo Freitas. For the Pro Women: Sonni Honsheid, Fiona Wylde and Terrene Black.  ( FULL RACE RESULTS BELOW )

The Maliko Run is a legendary downwind course that requires the advanced skills for downwind paddling enthusiasts. To learn more about the Maliko Run click here:

To learn how to safely navigate down the Maliko Run be sure to hire the most experienced such as Suzie Cooney here: You can also learn how to train for the Maliko Run or any downwind paddling, buy buying this book, How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance, Beginner to Elite here:


(provisional results)
1st: Michael Booth (Australia/Starboard)
2nd: Connor Baxter (Hawaii/Starboard)
3rd: Mo Freitas (Hawaii/Focus)
4th: Lincoln Dews (Australia/JM)
5th: Travis Grant (Australia/NSP)
6th: Josh Riccio (Hawaii/F-One)
7th: Casper Steinfath (Denmark/Naish)
8th: Ryan Funk (Hawaii/Starboard)
9th: Arthur Arutkin (France/Fanatic)
10th: Matt Nottage (Australia/Starboard)
11th: Kenny Kaneko (Japan/JP)
12th: James Casey (Australia/Sunova)
13th: Leo Nika (Italy/Starboard)
14th: Toby Cracknell (Australia/Infinity)
15th: Slater Trout (USA/Infinity)
16th: Jake Jensen (Australia/ONE)

MEN’S OVERALL (provisional)
1st: Mo Freitas (2nd/3rd = 5)*
2nd: Connor Baxter (3rd/2nd = 5)
3rd: Casper Steinfath (1st/7th = 8)**
4th: Lincoln Dews (4th/4th = 8)
5th: Travis Grant (7th/5th = 12)
6th: Arthur Arutkin (6th/9th = 15)
7th: Toby Cracknell (5th/14th = 19)
8th: Ryan Funk (11th/8th = 19)
9th: Matt Nottage (10th/10th = 20)
10th: Michael Booth (19th/1st = 20)
11th: Josh Riccio (16th/6th = 22)

WOMEN’S OVERALL (provisional)
1st: Terrene Black (Australia/ECS) 1st/3rd = 4 points
2nd: Fiona Wylde (USA/Starboard) 3rd/2nd = 5 points



Mahalo, Maliko Run™ Team.

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