Maliko Downwind SUP Guidance and Instruction

Experience your downwind dream and catch the glides of your life! Beginner & Advanced
Suzie Cooney Maliko Run downwind coach photo by Erik Aeder

Maliko Downwind Guidance and Instruction with Suzie CooneySuzie Cooney Maliko Downwind Instruction Guidance

With 8 years of Maliko experience, and a passion for downwind paddling, I will safely guide you. Safety is number one and so is your success and learning all that you can along the way.  Catching bumps and glide is an art and VERY addictive. Once you begin your downwind journey on Maliko your open ocean skills soar to a new height.  Downwind paddling is very different than flat water paddling or paddle surfing and is really a total body effort. It’s a great workout and huge thrill to catch your first real glide! 

If you’re a more advanced downwind paddler and you’d like to learn how to increase your speed and overall downwind technique and skill I can help you too. I continue to race and compete and have done quite well over the years. There are fine nuances and specific downwind paddling tricks that you will you see more bumps and learn how to connect faster and more efficiently. It takes practice and time on the water, but I can certainly help you improve. 

Suzie Cooney Maliko Run Guide , Kaenon, BLUESMITHS, RAWElementsI absolutely love helping people with their first or 10th Maliko downwind run. It’s a total blast and is THE highest and most demanding discipline of stand up paddling. Paddling Maliko requires someone like myself to help guide you safely, while teaching you all the finer points of catching glides and connecting bumps.   ** Please note I only coach one on one for your safety and best experience possible. On rare occasion I will take two people if I know you and your skills personally, as your safety is number one.

Suzie Cooney Maliko Run Guide


The downwind season on Maui is typically April through September. Best to contact me through this website in advance to reserve a session.  You can also check out more about me here:


Maliko Downwind Paddling Requires:

  • Training and special preparation 
  • A higher level of paddling skill & expereince
  • Some knowledge and comfort in open ocean
  • Paddlesurfing helps but not required
  • Lots of stoke and the desire to fly




Make your downwind dream come true. Paddling Maliko will change your life.      




I look forward to your Maliko Run adventure with me.

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