Maliko Surfski Guide

Maliko Surfski Guide

Maliko surfski coaching

Maliko Surfski Professional Coaching Through August 8 2017

Maui and Maliko Run™ welcomes Dale Ponsford, visiting EPIC Kayaks Costa Rica. A professional surfski guide, Dale has a lifetime of ocean experience from surfing and paddling to running Superyachts. Originally from Australia, Dale won world titles in surfing and has worked for Epic Kayaks since they launched in Australia over 12 years ago.

Dale has a passion for the weather, tides and wind and checks them daily to select the best learning conditions for you! He is known in the area for having a very personalized, informative and effective way of teaching.

Dale’s home is currently in the Pacific of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa but spends every June through August instructing professional downwind paddling in Maui. He also offers one on one and group paddle retreats in both locations.

Check out his Facebook Page here:

Please contact Dale here, and please tell him Maliko Run™ sent you! 




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