Welcome to Maliko Run on Maui and Share the Downwind Fun

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Summer Maliko Run Morning Bay View 062016Welcome to Maliko Run. We are thrilled to have you in our wonderful community of downwind paddlers. Our passion and love of this special entrance to a gateway of ocean adventure that fuels our soul, welcomes everyone. This is where you can share your stories and adventures, videos, photos and special moments to help spread our stoke.

The water humbles us and helps us grow. This special downwind magic carpet challenges the bravest waterman or water woman and will test you to the core. It must be honored and respected and treated with great care and respect. Safety of oneself and others is our honor as water shepherds of Maliko Bay and all those who enter must use care.

The pull is strong and very real and will keep you awake at night dreaming glides and bumps that release and take you to a water wonderSuzie Cooney Maliko Run land. It is magic, the magic of Maliko will capture your soul and hold you forever. It will never be tamed nor neglected and can twist your mind and body.

Each day you enter Maliko Bay, be thankful and respectful. Go with the winds at your back and big glides under your feet and be sure to take notice of the permanent imprint it will leave on your heart forever. Embrace it, own it and share it.

Mahalo, MR

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